Phil did a short demonstration at a networking meeting I attended.

Phil started with Boom Whacker demonstration involving all 30 people present then divided the room in to sections and sorted them in accordance with the colour and musical note of their Boom Whacker. He then gave a demonstration of body rhythm, hand clapping and foot stamping explaining that the demonstration was to insert energy into the group and this was definitely achieved.

He then gave a brief talk explaining how music and rhythm brings people together to work as a team and helps to build confidence. I have also attended a short workshop that he held at the Kent Wildlife Trust’s Tyland barn using drums and other percussion instruments. Both events were very enjoyable and I can see the benefit that they can bring when working in a group setting.

Phil facilitates and holds the space of the group in a very professional and enthusiastic way. I would not hesitate to recommend him to schools, youth groups or corporate clients.