Welcome to the landing page of JunkJam.co.uk!


Please bear with us while our Junky website is being nailed together out of plastic, old tyres, straws and used cotton buds!!

How we, and importantly the next generations, view our planet’s treatment and overall survival should be on everybody’s mind at all times. Making use of discarded plastics and other landfill bound items can be fun, educational and above all habit changing!

Making music in groups is uplifting and gives many “non-musical” participants a sense of achievement. Taking a pile of second hand buckets, bowls, bins, containers and lengths of downpipe along with used tin cans, yoghurt pots and kitchen utensils, then using them as musical instruments to build exciting rhythms is rewarding and great fun.  Put that alongside an environmental message and you have a lesson about change of habits and increased awareness.


What Happens at a JunkJam?

The room is dressed with buckets, bins and other items on tables. Examples of repurposed plastic containers, bottle tops and discarded “rubbish” are placed on view.

Participants select their instruments and will be able to immediately start playing together using our Animal Compass! The animal Compass is just soft toys used for a rhythm reference. For example, “Pink flamingo with long legs” spoken in rhythm then played on the percussion is an earworm which isn’t easily forgotten! We carry a large selection of toy animals and create many rhythms, even combining rhythms to produce an amazing sound of syncopated beats.

We have numerous games to be enjoyed using the Animal Compass, including counting, group volunteers, movement, hand clapping and vocal.

The message about plastics and landfill is used throughout the session. Examples of instruments are demonstrated and shown how they can be made and interpreted to make them individual.

Every event is different and is guided by the ability of the participants. All ages can benefit. The programmes starting Autumn 2021 will link in with the current curriculum. These events are cross curriculum including music, science, maths, drama and English. They also help in building confidence, encourage teamwork and introduce leadership skills.

Sessions can run from 30/45-minutes dependent on lesson schedules or be part of all-day workshops.


Lead Facilitator Phil Wilson.

Phil Wilson has been a professional drummer and percussionist since 1985. He has toured extensively throughout the UK, Europe with visits to the Middle East and Russia. Venues have included clubs, theatres, arenas and the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics Games where, as a Pandemonium Drummer he played a plastic dustbin with tennis balls on sticks! The inspiration for this concept.

Phil has been taking his popular Drum Circles into schools for many years under the Inspirational Rhythms brand. Primary, secondary and special needs pupils have all benefited and enjoyed the events. The JunkJam aspect has grown over the past couple of years and has recently taken on the important environmental message.  We are fully DBS checked and Covid tested prior to events.