Ground Control

At Inspirational Rhythms we pride ourselves on flexibility. In late June 2016 leading ground works company, Ground Control held a conference event in Essex. “Could we help with warming up the clients after lunch?” I would think so. So, we went along equipped with a radio mic and hands fresh for clapping! The timing was very tight so there wouldn’t be enough time to set out 350 Boomwhackers. So there I am standing in front of 350 mostly male, ground workers and wondering if they really would respond to a jolly session of happy clappy! Well, I am pleased to say they all joined in with some gusto. Dividing the theatre style room into four, we had four in-time rhythms kicking off and then a great body canon – a bit like London’s Burning, but with stomping and clapping. We provided two very short sessions, one of ten minutes and one of five but we succeeded in reenergising the room and the reports back were fantastic. I must say that everyone at Ground Control made us really welcome, they were such a great company with a real hands on approach to personnel management. We hope to see them all again soon.

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