Networkers Networking Event. Brands Hatch Place

Thursday July 6th, I stood in front of about 30 business owners with the intention, dare I say, "hope" of engaging them in a group session which basically involved bashing plastic tubes together and then linking this apparent children's activity into a serious business message! This could go one of two ways.......... I have been using these coloured plastic tubes of various lengths for a while now. Officially called BoomWhackers™, each length represents and produces a different musical note w

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The Networkers Networking Event

We will be at the exciting Networkers Networking Event on July 6th. at Brands Hatch Place. Armed with nothing more than a few boxes of plastic tubes, we intend to lift spirits, breakdown a few barriers, create great rhythm and inspire you all to grow your network with the care of a Chelsea Flower Show expert breeder! I will be talking about growing your network in solid, steady stages. Gaining trust in your fellow business owners and representatives while, most importantly, having them gain t

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ZC Live 2017

Come and visit our stand to find out how our rhythm events and drum circles can motivate your teams, get your seminar off to a lively start, help build teams and energise delegates throughout the day. For schools, our rhythm days are both fun and an exciting music learning experience. Have a look at some of our great testimonials on this site. Join theTechTalkshow, Facebook, Instagram, Global Radio, Zoe Cairns for the FREE one day SOCIAL MEDIA & DIGITAL event in Kent Friday 9 June 2017

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Dartford Science and Technology College

This was a full day of circles. Three in the morning, and two in the afternoon. The students were lead in by their teachers a class at a time. Schools for us are the most challenging due to the personality cross section. We get shy and confident plus there is always the “over confident” element seeking attention. We like to channel this energy and succeeded in giving THE most over confident pupil a chance of leadership. It works a treat and to see someone getting positive reactions to their usua

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Social Day

This is an event for social media learning. I was invited to be a keynote speaker with my presentation called Small Steps. I linked rhythm to learning skills and social media, demonstrating how taking small steps can lead to achieving a great social media profile and help to develop knowledge across all social media platforms. Having to call on my years of experience in the live music industry, I dealt with an in-house equipment failure but battled on. My 20 minute presentation was very well rec

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Kent Chamber of Commerce

“We would like you to open for Levi Roots” was the request! This was to be at a Business to Business event at The Ashford International Hotel. The celebrated Dragon slaying sauce entrepreneur was booked as the keynote speaker and they wanted a bright lively start to the proceedings. Arming the 120 delegates with Boomwhackers, we colour coded the room into eight sections and produced some interesting rhythms with each group playing a different pattern with their tuned plastic tubes.   The respons

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Hyde Housing Group

We paid a visit to an assisted living accommodation owned and run by Hyde Housing. The age range of our 20 participants ranged from 60 to over 90. Taking over their dayroom, we had our first ever drum circle with free tea and biscuits!  Drumming really has no boundaries and this certainly became apparent. We had a better attendance than their knitting club or Christmas card making day. We even came up trumps over Norm’s Friday Night Disco!

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Jimmy’s Sittingbourne

This is a group for children with Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD. For this event we arranged a one hour programme with plenty of changes and variety. The children and staff had a lovely time. Drumming can have profound effects on children with learning difficulties as all of a sudden they are able to play alongside adults and other children, joining in with the same thing and laughing together while making music. This day was most rewarding. (more…)

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Each year Inspirational Rhythms takes part in the annual Learn to Play Day event run by the charity Music For All. We have gained support from Morrison’s Supermarket and Gillingham Football Club for this national event and we, along with many music schools, private teachers and retail outlets, give people all over the country the opportunity to try a musical instrument for free. We donated a drum Circle to Gingerbread, the charity for single parents. Thirty children and their mums had a ball pla

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The Big Day Out. Mote Park Maidstone

This was going to be a fun one! Usually we have some idea of our participants and their age range plus it’s usually dry! (Yes dry! This was a wet one!) The Big Day Out was held on the weekend of June 25th & 26th 2016 in the lovely setting of Mote Park. We set out thirty drums and thirty chairs and waited to see who came along. On the Saturday, in between the rain we did have some fun. With everyone from 2 year olds to grandmas. Everyone had a great time despite it being a little damp. We

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