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We are delighted that Inspirational Rhythms was nominated for and selected as finalists in the Independent Business Awards Kent 2017 in the Innovation category" "We are growing! Thrilled with our Runner Up Award in the IBAK 2017 for Rising Star!" Inspirational Rhythms provides exciting and fun activities for the corporate client. Ideal for ice breakers, breakout sessions, conference warm ups and workshops. Any amount of people can take part. Numbers can start low and climb into the hundreds. Djembe are African hand drums and these form the foundation of our circles. Even first timers can get an exciting rhythm going. We have

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Increase Attention

It can be a challenge getting a conference or seminar started. Delegates may have traveled for a number of hours following an early start. Then there’s the first session after lunch! Inspirational Rhythms presents short energiser sessions to help kick start proceedings.

Break Down Barriers

Inspirational Rhythms’ events display these strong benefits to your workforce. We break down barriers. Music crosses all cultures and age ranges. From senior management to new starters everyone joins in

Fun Percussion

We also use world percussion, shakers, cowbells and, Boomwhackers™ – these are plastic tubes of various lengths that create melodies. Nothing escapes us for the fun element even an army of yellow buckets can be musical and as for coloured rubber gloves….!!


Inspirational Rhythms provides exciting and fun activities for the corporate client. Ideal for ice breakers, breakout sessions, conference warm ups and workshops. Any amount of people can take part. Numbers can start low and climb into the hundreds.

Meet the Team

Steve Cooper
Steve Cooper
Public Relations
Phil Wilson
Phil Wilson
Owner Facilitator


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Cups of Coffee drunk


People harmonised


ice breakers

What people are saying...

  • Thank you so much for spending time with us today and leading sessions for many of our pupils.
    Janet Tidmas - Principal & Director of Phase, Milestone Academy - Longfield

    The feedback I have had is that all the pupils engaged (which is amazing in itself) and staff learnt some things about the pupil's abilities with regard to rhythm etc that they were not aware of before. A huge thank you from all of us.

  • Children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and it was suitable for all children of all abilities.
    Stephanie Taylor - Assistant Head of KS1, Hoo St Werburgh Primary School

    Phil was enthusiastic and made the workshop fun and engaging for the whole time. During the workshop, children were given a variety of instruments to play and they loved the different creatures used to help them remember the different patterns taught. After the workshop, children discussed how much fun they

  • They were their own little orchestra
    Emily Gell - Year 3 Teacher, Hoo St Werburgh Primary School

    When my class found out they were attending a drumming experience, they were super excited and the workshop certainly lived up to their expectations. All children took part and Phil was great at ensuring all children were engaged throughout. The children focused on rhythm and beat and by the end,

  • What a wonderful morning
    Emma Allen - Challenge & Personalised Provision, Hoo St Werburgh Primary School

    Every child was included and engaged throughout Phil's drumming workshop - what a wonderful morning!

  • Girl’s Friendly Society
    Sandra Carter, Group Leader, Girl’s Friendly Society

    Phil came to do a drum circle session with my group of girls aged 6-10. They had a great time and joined in with a great deal of enthusiasm, even the shy ones! Feedback from parents was hugely positive. The girls have asked when he is coming again.

  • The drum circle is a unique musical experience where people of all abilities can work together to produce something very satisfying.
    Ann Baron, Dartford Science and Technology College

    It proved to work very well at my school (Dartford Science and Technology College) where groups of mixed ages and across different key stages enjoyed what was for most, their first encounter with many of the instruments provided. The overwhelming sense of achievement was summed up by the unanimous and

  • Phil did a short demonstration at a networking meeting I attended.
    Sharon Cresswell, Craniosacral Therapist

    Phil started with Boom Whacker demonstration involving all 30 people present then divided the room in to sections and sorted them in accordance with the colour and musical note of their Boom Whacker. He then gave a demonstration of body rhythm, hand clapping and foot stamping explaining that the demonstration

  • A brilliant experience for our Year Six children
    Diane Enfield, Maundene School

    Phil’s session had them drumming from the first minute – absorbing rhythm and deepening their concentration and listening skills, while they thought they were just having fun! Great training for teachers too. Phil’s passion for bringing rhythm and music to children is infectious!

  • Liz Norton
    Writer, speaker, trainer, author

    Phil is a truly inspirational person and a joy to know. Not only is he an outstanding musician, he is also a remarkable public speaker and innovative business man. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Phil to companies looking for motivational and team building workshops.

  • Tim Box
    Creator at The CONTROL system, Remedial Hypnotist, Corporate training & team building, Keynote speaker

    Phil is an exemplary presenter, teacher and public speaker. His Inspirational Rhythms presentations and team building events are absolutely fantastic! He manages to combine the fun of a drumming workshop with the inspiration of a top public speaker and thought leader. His story is truly fascinating and inspiring. I would not hesitate

This is just a snap shot of the variety of events that we facilitated

Networkers Networking Event. Brands Hatch Place

Thursday July 6th, I stood in front of about 30 business owners with the intention, dare I say, “hope” of engaging them in a group session which basically involved bashing plastic tubes together and then linking this apparent children’s activity into a serious business message! This could go one of two ways………. I have been […]

The Networkers Networking Event

We will be at the exciting Networkers Networking Event on July 6th. at Brands Hatch Place. Armed with nothing more than a few boxes of plastic tubes, we intend to lift spirits, breakdown a few barriers, create great rhythm and inspire you all to grow your network with the care of a Chelsea Flower Show […]

ZC Live 2017

Come and visit our stand to find out how our rhythm events and drum circles can motivate your teams, get your seminar off to a lively start, help build teams and energise delegates throughout the day. For schools, our rhythm days are both fun and an exciting music learning experience. Have a look at some […]