We are delighted that Inspirational Rhythms was nominated for and selected as finalists in the Independent Business Awards Kent 2017 in the Innovation category”

“We are growing! Thrilled with our Runner Up Award in the IBAK 2017 for Rising Star!”

Inspirational Rhythms provides exciting and fun activities for the corporate client. Ideal for ice breakers, breakout sessions, conference warm ups and workshops. Any amount of people can take part. Numbers can start low and climb into the hundreds.

Djembe are African hand drums and these form the foundation of our circles. Even first timers can get an exciting rhythm going. We have groups playing separate rhythms combining to create an incredible pulse of energy in the room.

We also use world percussion, shakers, cowbells and, Boomwhackers™ – these are plastic tubes of various lengths that create melodies. Nothing escapes us for the fun element even an army of yellow buckets can be musical and as for coloured rubber gloves….!!

Your body is a musical instrument too, from hand claps to foot stomping, we can take icebreakers to a whole new level!

Your event

All of our rhythm events rely on teamwork

Music, no matter how basic can be moving and uplifting. Making music is fun, inspiring and uplifting and brings groups of people together.

Inspirational Rhythms’ events display these strong benefits to your workforce. We break down barriers. Music crosses all cultures and age ranges. From senior management to new starters! Everyone joins in,

Drumming Stimulates and is perfect for waking up weary conference delegates. Even that Friday after lunch slump can be energised and delegates get a fresh fizz for the last session of the week!

Nothing is ever “off the peg!” No two events are ever the same.

We are not tied to conference centres! We can raise the roof with drums or have fun with the quieter Boomwhackers™. Inside or out there is a session waiting for you.

  • Drumming is Inspirational, motivating, and relieves stress
  • Nervous starters quickly settle in and bond with others
  • Absolutely no previous experience of playing drums is required

Making music excites a group or a team to do things they never would have thought possible, bringing a group together with rhythm is most rewarding for everyone involved. Music helps concentration and focus attention. As an ice breaker at the start of a long or short conference, rhythm clears minds and instantly bonds delegates setting them up for the day ahead. Short bursts in-between speakers on particularly long days keeps attention fresh for the next presenter.

Music shared in a group environment is highly entertaining and enjoyable, ideal for generating a positive lively team spirit, building confidence, and self-esteem and togetherness. Our logo is a West African symbol representing togetherness, affluence, power, abundance, plenty, and unity. This symbol represents all that we wish to create at you events.

Phil Wilson is a respected public speaker and rhythm facilitator and can bring rhythm to your message, be it sales or social media. On larger events he will only bring personally trained and skilled rhythm entertainers/presenters to provide you with the best experience possible.